Annual Snowfall in Tahoe

Ready for some winter time fun? Skiing and snowboarding at Lake Tahoe’s resorts is a fantastic choice.

If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe to ski or ride (after hearing about its legendary snowfall in past winters) you are probably wondering which month might be best to visit for the best snow. Be cautioned. DUring a winter storm warning, travel to the Sierras is not recommended, and may even be prohibited unless you have snow tires. Also, before going, check the Nevada Roads report.

The 13 ski areas around Lake Tahoe normally open sometime in November, however, the snow base may not have really established itself for the season yet, so few trails may be open and some rocks may be uncovered depending on the early snowfall.  However starting early December, some good conditions can normally be found.

Here are some statistics to help plan your trip: (using the last 10 years with measurements taken from the top of Donner Pass)

  • December has an average of 75 inches of snow.
  • January has an average of 68 inches of snow.
  • February has an average of 72 inches of snow. (and it’s 3 days shorter)
  • March has an average of 74 inches of snow.
  • April has an average of 30 inches of snow.
  • May has an average of 11 inches of snow.


Lake Tahoe is a blissful paradise that straddles California and Nevada, high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Most describe it as a Utopian destination. An earthly haven. A place replete with sun, sand, surf, wind, and snow. It’s an epic place to visit, either in the winter or the summer, with plenty to do in every season. ;In fact, Lake Tahoe is teeming with visitors who flock here in the winter. But also in the summer.

There is sheer beauty in Lake Tahoe in the winter time. It’s an epic sight to see. Snow-blanketed mountainsides. Shimmering turquoise and blue-hued fresh waters. Alpine forests engulfed with Fir and Pine trees that spiral into the heavens. The intoxicating air is replete with crisp mountain scents that offer nostalgia to most who were raised in similar destinations.

It’s pretty clear that Tahoe in the winter is a captivatin place. No matter what you decide to do while you’re here, there are many reasons to visit. Not just in the winter. Of course, in the summer as well. But winters are truly epic. Mind-bending landscapes and vistas coupled with an abundance of activities will keep you occupied during your entire stay. North Lake Tahoe, winters are serene. There’s an upscale vibe. An intoxicating air. One that embodies and epitomizes rest and relaxation. It’s a luxurious environment filled with some of the most spectacular mountain cabins, high-end homes, mansions and resorts. If luxury is your speed, then North Lake Tahoe is certainly for you.



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