How to replace glass in wooden window frame

If your wooden window frames have seen better days, don’t instantly go out and buy new windows. Doing so, can work out expensive, so it is always worth trying to repair them first.

Assess the damage

The first task is to assess the damage. Go over the frame and pick away any dead bits of wood. Provided most of the frame is left in tact you can fill in the rest to create a smooth surface. 

Remove the rotten window wood

If any of the frame is too worn, take the glass out, chop out the rotten bit and insert a new piece of wood. Of course, there is a limit to how much of a window frame you can replace in this way. But, nine times out of ten there will be enough good wood left to make it worth your while taking this approach.

Nail everything firmly back into place

If you have to replace the struts that hold the glass in place, be sure to use the right nails for the job. You want to be sure that each pane is securely held in the frame. It is especially important not to use nails that are made out of materials that will rust.

At this stage, take the time to dig out the old putty and renew it. This is not a difficult job, there are plenty of how to videos available online. So, don´t be afraid to do it yourself.

Stop the rot from setting in again

Once you have made everything good, be sure to rub it all down properly and apply a good primer. It needs to be high-quality. It is the last barrier against the rain that could cause the window frame to rot again, 

Finish things off with several coats of goood-quality paint. Be sure to use exterior paint that will provide a proper level of protection. 

Where to find out more

If you want more detailed instructions for this job, you can find out more from here –

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