Openhand Enterprise 4

Fast, secure, real-time access to your business information including email, calendar, contacts, tasks and shared files – from almost any mobile device from anywhere in the world.  OpenHand™ is the product for the new generation of business people requiring mobile solutions to ensure maximum efficiency. It not only provides real-time access to your email, but also to your diary, contacts, tasks and public folder documents – without the need for synchronisation.

In version 4.0 we introduce the first part of our unique framework that gives users an opportunity to connect to their business data with mobile devices. Access to shared documents is possible through FTP services and with the framework you have access to other systems through OpenHand Stargate, for example, SQL Databases, other Application Servers or Web Servers and Web Services.

There are clear advantages in going the OpenHand™ route

  1. a) Data is not stored on the mobile device.
  2. b) Immediate and live access to all email and information in Public Folders.
  3. c) Most device platforms are supported together with all major wireless and fixed networks, so there is no lock-in to proprietary devices or carriers.
  4. d) Worldwide connectivity, Beijing to Beirut, Cayman Islands to Capri – wherever you are – OpenHand is available.
  5. e) Working offline is easy with OpenHand Snapshot – information is available off-line (where authorised) and updated when the user reconnects to the server.

The main new features of Version 4 are:

  • Snapshot of emails, calendar and contact folders sent upon request to the device for working offline. • Support for secure authentication, including RSA Secure ID® and SECCOS.
  • File access to shared documents.
  • MS Smartphone and Nokia Series 80 (9300/9500) added to the suite of supported devices.

With the main features of earlier versions being:

  • Your email, contacts, calendar and tasks/to-do on-line.
  • Email and event notification push.
  • Full search and sorting on the server.
  • Selected mirroring if authorized. Local data encrypted.
  • Access to shared documents in Exchange Public Folders.
  • No data stored on the device, unless permitted by the server and specifically requested by the user.
  • Compatible with most smartphones, PDAs and there is no need to purchase dedicated mobile devices with limited functionality.

– MS Operating systems

o Laptops

o Pocket PC

o Smartphones NEW (4.0)

– Symbian operating systems

o Series 60 (Nokia)

o Series 80 (Nokia 9300/9500) NEW (4.0)

o UIQ (Sony Ericsson P900/910)

– Palm OS (including Treo 600/650)

  • Global access – use any network, such as GPRS/GSM, WCDMA, etc. OpenHand is network independent and also works on dial-up connection and WiFi.
  • OpenHand’s superior speed and advanced compression means an enjoyable user experience with remarkably low data charges. Main Features

Mobile email made more accessible and affordable to a wider range of business and professional users

Advanced Security

Now laptops, PDA´s and smartphones are routinely used to connect to corporate networks, transmitting and receiving critical business documents and potentially sensitive personal information, companies need to ensure the highest level of effective security to protect their valuable data. OpenHand™ applies industry standard algorithms – Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 bit – to safeguard all data. SSL and IPSec VPN are also supported when required.

Total Independence

One of the most important new features introduced with OpenHand version 4.0 are changes to the folder structure. These changes allow us to copy data to the device – to take a “SnapShot” of email, contacts and calendar, and work with these offline. This new SnapShot functionality can help boost productivity. It enables the user to utilise every minute of their working day, even on an airplane or train where no connection is available. OpenHand™ connects directly to the company server, inside the firewall and does not require data mirroring. No information is stored on the mobile device unless authorized – data is not at risk if the device is lost or stolen.

OpenHand™ mobile email puts the user in charge. It is compatible with most Smartphones, PDA’s and laptops, so there is no need to purchase additional dedicated devices with limited functionality. OpenHand™ supports the most widely available wireless network protocols, including GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, 3G, WiFi and satellite.

What Creates the Difference?

The OpenHand communication methodology is based on a proven technology and solid design principles that combine simplicity with efficiency in communication. It makes online mobile computing fast, practical and predictable – the fundamental requirements for implementing a successful mobile strategy.

What do Users Say?

“Its best features are its real time access to e-mail and the associated security benefits and its device and network independence” Simon Bennett, IT director at law firm, Tarlo Lyons “Even the most prolific users only spent on average £3.50 per month on data transfer.” Bruce Wright, Sussex Health Informatics Service (NHS) “OpenHand´s mobile e-mail function can operate with different networking standards, so all the bank´s globe-trotting staff are contactable via e-mail without any compromise in the level of service. The bank cannot risk customers data loss resulting from theft or hacking ……” André Gorvel, head of information security, Kleinwort Benson.



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