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Anti-Theft Software, the weapon against computer theft

Do you lock the door at home? Is your car still open? Are you protected by an alarm? … are so many issues that seem obvious when it comes to your physical assets. What about your digital goods like computers? Anti-theft software such as MTProtect® is actively involved in the fight against the scourge of computer theft. For a derisory annual subscription, your computer (pc, mobile, fixed) becomes defended against theft. Thieves (may be burglars) having acted at your home, in transport, at the office … will be arrested. The search service of the MTProtect® anti-theft software will be able to restore your property.

Unlike other programs on the market, our software is resistant to hard disk formatting, component change, in short the unstoppable weapon against computer theft …

Online Scholarship

Posted on June 29, 2012

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