What is OpenHand?

What is OpenHand?

OpenHand provides business users with cutting edge mobile technology built around their commercial needs, improving not only productivity but also the speed and quality of their customer responses.

As you would expect, OpenHand provides full mobile PIM (Personal Information Management) capability including inbox, outbox, sent emails etc all of which are complemented by a full search facility which allows you to access any email held on your server regardless of age.

Many of our customers also take advantage of “Shared Calendars” allowing you to maximise your employee’s time, rebooking appointments, booking new appointments and overseeing operations to an individual level from your mobile or PC.

Many of our customers also set up “shared calendars” for their shared resources such as meeting rooms, projectors etc. giving everyone the ability to check on availability simply, quickly and at any time of the day or week.

“Contacts” give you access to the company’s Global Address List with the ability to call or email directly from it.

OpenHand also provides “File Access” enabling authorised users to access files and documents from anywhere in the company network from anywhere in the world. This is backed up superbly by “Server Side Forwarding” a function unique to OpenHand which allows you to forward documents of any size direct from your server via your mobile device from anywhere in the world for fractions of a penny.

OpenHand is compatible with over 400 Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices. The good news is that we licence each user, not the device this allows you to use the right device for the given situation and also allows you to take advantage of our Windows client for use on any internet enabled lap top or PC. This effectively provides a very secure yet instant VPN creating incredible flexibility.

OpenHand is fully compatible with Exchange, Lotus Notes and Communigate servers and provides email functionality on a number of IMAP servers.

The backbone of OpenHand is the LOUIS Protocol our proprietary technology which seamlessly repackages and compresses your data giving OpenHand users the lowest operating costs as well as creating even greater security.

For those business’s unable to justify the disproportionate cost of hosting their own servers OpenHand provide “SoHosted” the original and in our view still the best hosted mobile email solution. Providing you with Hosted Microsoft Exchange and all of the functionality of our OpenHand Enterprise product with a generous 1Gb of storage.

At OpenHand we appreciate our customer’s needs and we strive to make our offering as simple as possible.

Installation of OpenHand at the server end is regularly completed in less than 45 minutes (the record is 12 minutes!).

Installation of the client on the handset is a simple download from the download site either direct to the mobile or via your PC.

OpenHand works on any mobile network anywhere in the world. OpenHand compliments your mobile phone offering rather dictating it thereby allowing you to obtain the best commercial deal for your business.

To ensure that your users make full use of OpenHand’s functionality and maximise your returns, we have produced a wide range of Audio Visual guides which provide a simple, easy to understand guide to getting the most from OpenHand. This allows users of all abilities to learn in their own time in the simplest way. All instructions are presented in short modules so as not to overwhelm new users.

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